On June 10-11, the regional festival Go Viral 2022 was held in KCCID.

The Rector of the State University named after him opened the event.I.Razzakova M.K.Chynybayev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Rasul Abazbek uulu, Temporary U.S. Attorney in Kyrgyzstan Sonat N. Koulter and Program Manager of the Institute for War and Peace Lighting in Central Asia Begayim Ajikeyev.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Search. To invent. Decide.” The Go Viral Festival in Bishkek is dedicated to the creative economy. In partnership with the Creative Industry Association.

Within the festival, 40 speakers represented various companies and organizations at the festival, including Codify, IT Academy, Makers, EcoFarm, LuckySocks, Begreen, ManchoDevs, Growave, Creative Tart, Tentek Animation Studio and others.

The festival was attended by representatives of the creative industry: Ernest Abdyzhaparov, Nurzat Zheenbek qiz, Ch наngiz Asanaliyev, Victoria Yurtayeva, Tatiana Zelenskaya, Cholpon Tentieva and others. Participants are waiting for live performances from Tamga, Jax 0214, Eazy, Aiko.


Since 2017, the Go Viral community has inspired journalists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and musicians to develop media, culture, business and technology to stay in touch with the world.

Go Viral is a platform for sharing experiences, a community of media, business, culture and technology representatives from Central Asia and an annual regional festival. The project is sponsored by the U.S. State Department with the support of U.S. diplomatic missions in Central Asia. Since October 2021, the project has been implemented by the Institute for War and Peace Lighting (IWPR) in Central Asia, with programmes and events taking place throughout the region.


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